Case Report

The following is a guideline for your preparation, of a report on a case where you have personally used EMDR therapy in a real session. You will need to present a case in 2 occasions:

  1. During one of the sessions of the 3 pre Part-2 GSCC sessions. You will present the case for about 15 – 20 minutes. Thereafter the trainer and other participants will analyze it.
  2. After the 3 Advanced GSCC sessions (the last step of completion of the EMDR Therapy Basic Training). More details in “Submitting a case report”.

Guidelines for preparation

Choose one case where you have personally used EMDR therapy in a real session. Then prepare the following points for your report:

  1. Client’s background information / history
  2. Presenting problem: symptoms/ diagnosis
  3. General method used: (e.g. CBT, client-centered, Gestalt)
  4. Reasons for deciding to use EMDR
  5. How did you use EMDR in this case: –
    1. Number of times providing EMDR, length (in minutes) of each time, and the total number (in all sessions)
    2. Protocol used (Incident, NC, PC, SUDS, etc). Describe the steps you used as much as possible.
    3. Changes/improvement in the client’s functioning, behavior, cognitive beliefs, emotions, etc.
    4. Your practical conclusions from the therapy (positive changes, difficulties, highlights)
    5. Your reflections, suggestions and implications.

Submitting a case report

This part is relevant only for a case report submitted after the advanced GSCC sessions: –

  1. Case Reports must be submitted within 30 days after completion of the Advanced GSCC Sessions.
  2. The report should be written in English, 500-750 words (2-3 pages) in one of the following file formats – .doc .docx .pdf.
  3. Click on the button below to access the submission form. Fill it out, upload your Case Report file and submit it. Note that you will need a Gmail address, and you can use the same Gmail address that you are using for logging into our forum. If you have not used our forum and your email is not a Gmail address, then click HERE to create yourself a Gmail account.