Completion & Consolidation

Graduates of Part-2 workshop are required to attend the Advanced GSCC (Group Sharing and Case Consultation) to complete and consolidate the entire course.

About 1 month after completion of all the 3 advanced GSCC sessions and the submission of the Case Report, you will be notified by email that you have successfully completed all the requirements. You will be added to the List of Registered EMDR Therapists of Hong Kong, and the Certificate of Completion will be sent to you.

Training Particulars


(2) Case Report
- 3 Sessions, each of 2 hours. You will need to present a case of actual EMDR therapy that you have provided after the completion of Part-2 workshop.
Languages: Sessions in Cantonese and in English are provided - selectable by each attendee.
Submission of a Case Report
CERTIFICATIONCertificate of Completion of the EMDR Therapy Basic Training
PREREQUISITES1. Completion of Part-2 Workshop, or refresher training, within the last 2 years.
2. Minimum of 6 months experience in providing EMDR therapy after Part-2 workshop.
3. Member of EMDRHK. Click HERE to join
NEXT Advanced GSCC Sessions
SESSIONSScheduleTo be decided
VenueOnline ZOOM. Email invitations will be emailed to each attendee about 24 hours before the session)
Sessions time18:30 - 20:30
APPLICATION PERIODAdvanced applications are accepted now (we admit on first-apply-first-processed basis)
CASE REPORTWhen to submitWithin 30 days from your last GSCC session.
How to submitDetails HERE
CERTIFICATEWhen issued?Within 30 days after the last GSCC session we check all case reports. 7 days later we prepare and mail the certificates (and in parallel we notify the graduates by email)
GETTING LISTEDAfter mailing the certificates, we automatically add all graduates to the list of Registered EMDR Therapists of Hong Kong
FEEAll inclusiveHK$2,000 (includes 3 GSCC sessions, case report, Certificate of Completion and getting included in the list of "The Registered EMDR Therapists of Hong Kong")
PaymentDeposit (early application): HKD200
Balance: HKD1,800
Payment InstructionsClick HERE

Application Process

  1. Prerequisites. Please pay attention to the course prerequisites (listed above). Verify that you comply with the course prerequisites before applying. If you are not sure – do not hesitate to contact us.
  2. Submit your application. Fill out the form (at the bottom of this page), and submit it. If your tuition fee will be paid by your Employer, please read note 7 below.
  3. Deposit. After submitting the form, please pay the deposit within 1 working day and submit the payment proof to us (either by email to our Admin, or by using our CONTACT form. Payment instructions are HERE.
  4. Application Received. Within 3 working days after receiving your application form and the deposit payment proof, you will receive our email confirming that your application has been well received and will be processed on a first-apply-first-process basis.

Admission Process

    1. First-Apply-First-Processed. EMDRHK processes all applications on a first-apply-first-process basis.  Therefore, we strongly recommend not to delay submitting your application. Don’t miss the next training!
    2. Conditional Admission. After processing your application, we will email to you the results. If your application is successful, and there still are places in the coming training – you will receive our email stating your Conditional Admission. You will have 7 days to pay the balance of the tuition fee. If the training is already full, or we have rejected your application for whatever reason – you will be notified by email as well.
  1. Confirmed Admission. After receiving our Conditional Admission followed by your timely payment of the balance of the tuition fee – we will email to you the final Confirmed Admission, and wish you a successful training.

Important Notes

  1. Training Full. If the coming training is already full by the time we process your application, we will move your application to the next available training and notify you. You will also have a 7-days option to cancel your application and get a full refund.
  2. Deposit payment. Failing to pay the deposit on time will result in the automatic deletion of your application. But don’t worry – you are still welcome to submit a fresh application (which will be processed after all earlier applications from other applicants).
  3. Conditional Admission. Failing to pay the balance of the training fee on time will result in the cancellation of your Conditional Admission, your reserved place will be released to the next applicant on the waiting list and your deposit will be forfeited. However, should you re-apply for the next training, you will get a special discount for the next training fee in the amount of the forfeited deposit.
  4. Change of dates. Once we confirm the exact dates of the coming training, or when we otherwise have to change the dates – we will announce it by email to all applicants. You will have then a 7-days option to move your Admission to the next scheduled training or to cancel your application and get a full refund.
  5. Request to switch to a future training. After being admitted, and should you be unable to attend – you may email to us a request to move your participation to the next training. Your email request must be received by us no later than 21 days before the start of the training (so that we can have sufficient time to admit the next applicant on the waiting list). Otherwise, it will be considered as a “no show” (see below).
  6. No show. If you do not show up to the training, or miss part of it, or cancel your participation in the training within less than 21 days before the training – we will not have time to admit the next applicant on the waiting list, and so your place in the quota will stay vacant. As such, we will not be able to refund your tuition fee. The best we could do in such a case will be to offer a special discount of 50% for the training that follows the one you missed.
  7. Tuition is directly paid to EMDRHK by your employer. In such a case apply and pay the deposit and tuition fee on time, as described above. Upon receiving payment from your employer, we will transfer it back to you. We will provide you with an invoice (or a receipt or a letter) as required by your employer.

Application Form – Completion & Consolidation (Advanced GSCC)