Get listed

If you qualify (see “Prerequisites” below) then you can get yourself listed in “The Registered EMDR Therapists of Hong Kong”. This establishes your status locally as well as internationally. It also allows clients in Hong Kong to verify that you are authorized to provide EMDR Therapy in Hong Kong.

To apply click on “APPLY TO GET LISTED” below, fill out the form, and submit it. Getting listed is a FREE service.

Prerequisites to get listed

If you are a Permanent Resident, or a Resident, of Hong Kong or Macau then you are entitled to be included in the list of the Registered EMDR Therapist in Hong Kong, provided that you have completed successfully the EMDR Therapy Basic Training (both Part-1 and Part-2), and 

  1. You obtained a Certificate of Completion (‘COC’) issued by The EMDR Association of Hong KongOr
  2. You obtained a COC issued by an overseas EMDR association before you became a resident of Hong Kong, and that association is recognized by EMDRHK.   

Join “Find an EMDR Therapist”

We are also pleased to offer the service of “Find an EMDR Therapist” which is FREE for the public and clients looking for EMDR Therapists. If you offer counseling services to the public, you may wish to get listed and provide your contact information and other relevant details that will help patients find you. This service is provided free to all EMDR Therapists who are members of EMDRHK.

To get listed click on “APPLY TO GET LISTEDand submit the form.