Guidelines for Case Presentation

During one of the three GSCC sessions before Part-2 workshop, and also during one of the Advanced GSCC sessions, you will be required to present one actual case of a counseling session, in which you have personally treated a client with EMDR.  You will present the case for about 15 – 20 minutes. Following your presentation the other participants, with the guidance of the Trainer, will analyze and discuss your case together with you. The following are guidelines for you, on how to prepare for the Case Presentation.


  1. You need to be ready to present your case during the first session (of your three sessions).
  2. You do not need to prepare or provide any video.

Guidelines for preparation

Choose one case where you have personally used EMDR therapy in a real session. Then prepare the following points for your report:

  1. Client’s background information / history
  2. Presenting problem: symptoms/ diagnosis
  3. General method used: (e.g. CBT, client-centered, Gestalt)
  4. Reasons for deciding to use EMDR
  5. How did you use EMDR in this case: –
    1. Number of times providing EMDR, length (in minutes) of each time, and the total number (in all sessions)
    2. Protocol used (Incident, NC, PC, SUDS, etc). Describe the steps you used as much as possible.
    3. Changes/improvement in the client’s functioning, behavior, cognitive beliefs, emotions, etc.
    4. Your practical conclusions from the therapy (positive changes, difficulties, highlights)
    5. Your reflections, suggestions, and implications.