Our Association

The EMDR Association of Hong Kong (‘EMDRHK’) was founded in May 2002. EMDRHK is the only EMDR authority in Hong Kong, exclusively recognized and endorsed by EMDR Asia.

Since 2002 EMDRHK provides annually several professional EMDR Therapy Basic Trainings. EMDRHK Trainings follow the latest full EMDR Therapy Basic Training Course by EMDR Institute (USA) and Francine Shapiro (Ph.D.). the originator of EMDR.

Upon successful completion of our training, our trainees receive a Certificate of Completion, which is recognized in Hong Kong as well as worldwide (including the EMDR Institute (USA), EMDR Asia, EMDRIA (USA), and the European EMDR Associations).

Holders of Certificates of Completion issued by EMDRHK are entitled to be included in the List of “Registered EMDR Therapists of Hong Kong), and are the only ones who are officially recognized and authorized to practice EMDR Therapy in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

  • Trainings. To train new EMDR therapists in Hong Kong. Our trainings are continuously being updated with the latest EMDR protocol, keeping up with to the highest international standards of EMDR therapy.
  • Refreshers. To update veteran EMDR Therapists with the latest EMDR protocol, through our Refresher courses.
  • Supervision. To provide supervision and other professional support to EMDR Therapists in Hong Kong.
  • To promote EMDR Therapy in Hong Kong – its therapeutical benefits in treating trauma and other issues.
  • To regulate EMDR therapy in Hong Kong, by keeping a Register of Registered Authroized EMDR therapists in Hong Kong.
  • To protect the public from bogus EMDR therapists (who may harm clients by lack of professional training)
  • To help the public find and contact EMDR therapists.



  • Prof. Atara Sivan

Executive Committee:

  • Prof. Atara Sivan
  • Prof. Petrus Ng Yat Nam
  • Dr. Rebecca Lam


EMDRHK Trainers are formally authorized and approved by EMDR Institute, Inc (USA), and specifically by Dr. Francine Shapiro, the originator of the EMDR therapy
  • Prof. Atara Sivan
  • Prof. Petrus Ng Yat Nam


  • Prof. Atara Sivan
  • Prof. Petrus Ng Yat Nam
  • Dr. Stephen Mann Ka Fai


Prof. Atara Sivan

(B.A., M.A. (Cum Laude), PgDE, Ph.D)

Prof. Atara Sivan is an EMDR Trainer certified by the American EMDR Institute, Inc. (USA). Atara is also the Director of the Centre for Trauma Treatment and Well-being (CTTW) of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Prof. Atara Sivan is the Head of the Department of Education Studies of the Hong Kong Baptist University. She obtained her BA and MA in Education majoring in Youth Counseling, her PgDE in Israel and her Ph.D. in Education at the University of Hong Kong. Atara is also a Gestalt Therapist trained and certified by the Gestalt Associates Training in Los Angeles.

Drawing on her own successful use of EMDR in practice in Hong Kong, Israel, and Europe and seeing the benefits of EMDR therapy for Hong Kong community, Prof. Sivan has founded in 2002, together with good colleagues, the EMDR Association of Hong Kong ( EMDRHK).  Under her leadership, EMDRHK has been training hundreds of Hong Kong therapists and promoting EMDR practice, research and education within Hong Kong and the region.

To best prepare clinicians to conduct EMDR therapy and based on her extensive study on professional reflection, Prof. Sivan has developed the Group Sharing and Case Consultation sessions which provide an ongoing facilitative forum for learning and development of EMDRHK clinicians.

Prof. Sivan is also the founder and chairperson of the Centre for Trauma Treatment and Well-being at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Hong Kong Baptist University. The Centre provides an excellent synergy by bringing together researchers and practitioners who could contribute to the well-being of the population and to the academic field of knowledge through clinical and educational research about the use of EMDR within the Chinese context.

In recent years Prof. Sivan joined hands to establish the EMDR Asia Association, and she is now serving as an active member of its board. Atara has published extensively on a range of areas including youth development, leisure education and learning communities through books and journal articles. She is regularly invited as a keynote speaker to international conferences. To further contribute to the society, Prof. Sivan serves as an executive member of several NGOs and community chest associations helping people in need. She has been locally and internationally recognized for her contributions by being the recipient of several prestigious awards including International Award for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology; Hillel Ruskin Memorial Scholar Lecture Award; George Torkildsen Literary Award; and 2015 HKBU Knowledge Transfer Award.

Prof. Petrus Ng Yat Nam

(HonDip SOWK, BA, MA, Ph.D, PsyD, FHKPCA, RSW) Prof. Petrus Ng received his Honours Diploma in Social Work and BA (Distinction) from the Hong Kong Baptist University, MA and Ph.D. from University of Essex, UK and PsyD (clinical psychology) from California School of Professional Psychology, AIU, US (Hong Kong program, CityU). A social worker with clinical training, he is now teaching at Hong Kong Baptist University Department of Social Work and has been Head of the Department since 2011. He teaches courses that include social work theory and practice in group work, psychiatric rehabilitation, and mental disorders, crisis intervention and holistic mental health and cognitive behavioral therapy. Prof. Ng has also trained as a family therapist with Yang Ackerman Institute for the Family. He has been certified as a qualified cognitive therapist by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, USA, since 2006. He started to use EMDR in his practice with people suffering from anxiety disorder, depression and PTSD after EMDR training in 2002 and has involved in EMDR training since 2014. Prof. Ng has served as the President of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association since 2018. His research focuses on psychiatric rehabilitation, mental health counseling and group work, and whole-person development, and has publications and book chapters in high ranking international journals and refereed books.

Dr. Rebecca Lam

(BA, MA, Dip. Ed., Ph.D)

Dr. LAM, Siu-yuk, Rebecca has been a Principal Lecturer at the Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University. She attained her M.A. and Ph. D. degrees from the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology of McGill University, Canada. Moreover, she received her Dip. Ed. from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and completed the EMDR basic training in Hong Kong. She finds great interest and satisfaction in teaching courses involving deviant behaviors in children and adolescents, school guidance and counseling. Besides teaching, she has been also in charge of the University Advisor System, which provides counseling service and student support to students during their course of study. For further contribution to community service, she gladly joined the EMDR Executive Committee.