Code of Ethics


The EMDR Association of Hong Kong (‘EMDRHK’) has adopted a Professional Code of Ethics in order to assure the highest standards of excellence and integrity in training, in certification, in the practice of EMDR therapy in Hong Kong, and in any other activities and communications involving directly or indirectly the EMDR community of Hong Kong.

Applicant’s Declaration

By applying to become a member of the EMDRHK, or by applying to participate in any training by EMDRHK, or by applying to be listed as a Registered EMDR Therapist in Hong Kong, you confirm that you fully accept and already comply with all listed in “Commitments” below. You further commit to continue to fully comply for at least as long as you provide EMDR therapy in Hong Kong or get involved in any other activity of EMDR in Hong Kong.


  1. All information you have provided and will provide to EMDRHK is and will be the accurate truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth.
  2. Any statement you make about your past education, or training, or membership must be the truth supported by an official certificate or document issued by the relevant organization. Any statement you make about your past professional experience in EMDR therapy must be supported by a letter issued either by your employer or by an EMDR Trainer recognized by EMDRHK. Any of these supporting documents must be available with you, and promptly copied to EMDRHK should EMDRHK request it from you.
  3. You were not, are not, and will not be dishonest, or cheat, or deceive, or engage in fraud, or make any intentional misrepresentation of fact, or breach your commitments, or do anything else which is generally accepted as being unethical.
  4. You must not engage in anything which is illegal by the laws of Hong Kong S.A.R, or which is generally accepted in Hong Kong as immoral.
  5. In the practice of EMDR therapy, or in any other activities involving EMDR in Hong Kong, you will always promote accuracy, honesty, and truthfulness.


  1. In the event that EMDRHK receives complaints about any member or graduate who has allegedly breached any of the commitments above, then EMDRHK may approach that person and ask for clarifications. After studying the replies EMDRHK will decide whether (1) to dismiss the allegations. or (2) to accept them with a notice to the member or graduate what action they need to take to address or rectify those allegations.
  2. In more serious cases in which EMDRHK is reasonably convinced that an applicant for a training, or a member of EMDRHK, or a graduate of an EMDRHK training had knowingly and intentionally breached any of the above-listed commitments, then EMDRHK may revoke without any refunds any Certificate issued by EMDRHK to that person, terminate their membership, and make this case get publicity within the EMDR community.