Code of Ethics


The EMDR Association of Hong Kong (EMDRHK) has established a Professional Code of Ethics to ensure the highest standards of excellence and integrity in training, certification, the practice of EMDR therapy in Hong Kong, and any other activities and communications involving the EMDR community in Hong Kong.

Applicant’s Declaration

By applying to become a member of EMDRHK, participating in training offered by EMDRHK, or applying to be listed as a Registered EMDR Therapist in Hong Kong, you confirm that you have read and unconditionally accepted the commitments outlined below and agree to abide by them while providing EMDR therapy in Hong Kong or engaging in any other activities related to EMDR in Hong Kong.


  1. True informationAll information provided to EMDRHK must be accurate and truthful, and any statements made about past education, training, employment, and counseling experience must be supported by documentation issued by a recognized organization or by an independent reference person. When discussing past experience in providing EMDR therapy, such statements must be supported by a formal letter issued by an employer or an EMDR Trainer/organization recognized by EMDRHK. Any supporting documentation must be readily available and promptly provided to EMDRHK upon request.
  2. Ethical conduct in relation to EMDR in Hong Kong.
    1. You will always practice professional EMDR therapy with sincere concern for the well-being of your clients.
    2. You will not provide EMDR training in Hong Kong unauthorized by EMDRHK.
    3. You will respect the privacy of your clients and will not use any information obtained from them, including audio or video recordings of sessions, for any purpose not approved in writing in advance by your clients.
  3. Ethical in general.
    1. You will not engage in dishonest, fraudulent, or unethical behavior, including misrepresenting facts, or the dissemination of disinformation or unsubstantiated rumors in relation to EMDRHK or EMDR practice in Hong Kong.
    2. You will not engage in anything which is generally accepted in Hong Kong as being unethical or immoral.
  4. Respect for the laws of Hong Kong. You will not engage in any activities that are illegal under the laws of Hong Kong S.A.R.
  5. Breach of a commitment. You understand and accept that if EMDRHK receives complaints about a member or graduate who has allegedly breached any of the commitments outlined above, EMDRHK may request clarification and, after reviewing the response, may decide to dismiss the allegations or accept them and notify the member or graduate of any actions needed to address or rectify the allegations. In more serious cases in which EMDRHK determines that a breach was made knowingly and intentionally, EMDRHK may revoke any certificates issued by EMDRHK to that person, remove their name from the List of Registered EMDR Therapists, and share the case with the EMDR community. If the breach involves anything illegal under the laws of Hong Kong, EMDRHK may refer the case to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.