Membership in EMDRHK

As a member, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • The ability to participate in Part-2 training and Advanced GSCC sessions (membership is a prerequisite)
  • The option to be listed in the “Find an EMDR Therapist” directory after obtaining a Certificate of Completion
  • Exclusive access to Refresher Courses and Supervision offered by EMDRHK
  • Personal notification and invitations to attend specialty EMDR trainings
  • The opportunity to receive a 80% refund* on your membership fee when you join a Refresher Course or Supervision program

* Once you provide proof of payment for your membership, you can request a voucher worth 80% of the membership fee. This voucher can be used to cover the cost of any Refresher Courses or Supervision sessions that you attend during your membership period.”   

Joining us

To be eligible for membership as an EMDR therapist in Hong Kong, you must be a resident of Hong Kong (with a permanent or non-permanent HKID card) as well as having attended at least Part-1 of the EMDR Therapy Basic Training provided by EMDRHK.

You may also be eligible for registration if you have received EMDR therapy training overseas, as long as you hold a Certificate of Completion (or equivalent) from an EMDR association or trainer recognized by EMDRHK that was issued prior to your residence in Hong Kong.

Membership fee

Membership Period
If you join /renew between 1 Jan to 31 MayUntil 31 December
If you join /renew between 1 June to 30 NovemberUntil 30 June of next calendar year
If you join /renew within 1 Dec to 31 DecUntil 31 December of next calendar year
Membership Fee
Standard -HK$500
Discounted -
- For renewals before expiry
- When joining within 7 days after Part-1 workshop / Refresher Course / Supervision
PaymentClick HERE

Becoming a Member or Renewing Your Membership

  • Click the button below and complete the form to begin the process.
  • Pay the membership fee within 3 working days, following the payment instructions provided HERE.
  • Email or use the contact form to send proof of payment to EMDRHK

Note: Membership is only considered active once the fee has been paid and proof of payment has been received.