Supervision is an important part of therapy, and it plays a significant role in practicing EMDR. Starting from 2022, EMDRHK has been offering supervision to all EMDR therapists who are members of our Association.

The supervision sessions are conducted in both Chinese and English. During the supervision session, the supervisor attends to the therapists’ professional emerging needs, help them to cope with dilemmas and problems that arise in the therapy, and empowers them in conducting EMDR with their clients.

So far, feedback received from therapists who have been undertaking the supervision indicates the great contribution that the supervision has been making to their practice as well as to their increased confidence in utilizing EMDR.

  • Format: All supervision sessions are held online.
  • Languages: Cantonese or English (you select).
  • Types: We offer 4 types of supervision sessions as listed below


  1. Private. 1 hour (net 55 minutes) of one client with a Supervisor.
  2. Semi-Private. 1 hour (net 55 minutes) of two clients with a Supervisor.
  3. Triple. 1 hour (net 55 minutes) of three clients with a Supervisor.
  4. Half Session. 1/2 hour (net 25 minutes) of one client with a Supervisor.

Supervision Fee

  1. Private – HK$1,500
  2. Semi-Private – HK$2,000 (i.e. HK$1,000 per client)
  3. Triple – HK$2,500 (i.e. HK$833 per client)
  4. Half Session – HK$800

Book a Session

Currently, we are building an online automated online booking system. It will show time slots available to the Trainers, and you will be able to select and book a session with a simple click.

Meanwhile, until the new system will be up and running, please proceed with the booking as follows:

  1. Fill out and submit the Supervision Request form (click below).
  2. Pay the deposit (HK$500) or the full fee. Payment instructions are HERE. Please send to us the payment proof within 1 working day. You can use our CONTACT form to attach the payment proof, or you can email it directly to our admin email address.
  3. If you requested a Private or a Half Session, then after receiving both your form and the payment proof – the selected Trainer will email you their available time slots. You will coordinate directly with the trainer. Or,
  4. If you requested a Semi-Private (or a Triple), we will match first your request with another Semi-Private request (or two other Triple requests). Once there is a match – the Trainer will email you their available time slots.
  5. Kindly pay the balance of the supervision fee, and email the payment proof to us, not later than 2 days before the scheduled session.
  6. After receiving the balance of the session fee and not later than one day before the scheduled supervision session, you will receive our email with the Zoom invitation.


  1. You may request a change to the scheduled session time, but not later than 24 hours before the scheduled session. 
  2. No show for a scheduled session, or not paying the full session fee on time, will result in forfeiture of the deposit.