Supervision for EMDR therapists is a process in which a qualified EMDR Trainer provides guidance and support to EMDR therapists. The supervisor serves as a mentor, providing feedback on the therapist’s technique, case conceptualization, and use of the EMDR therapy protocols. Supervision helps ensure that the therapist is applying EMDR therapy correctly and ethically. It also provides a forum for the therapist to discuss any challenges or concerns that may arise during their therapy process. Supervision is an important aspect of continuing education for EMDR therapists, as it helps them stay current with the latest developments in the field, and it also helps them provide the best possible care to their clients.

As of 2022, EMDRHK has been providing supervision to all EMDR therapists who are members of our Association.

The supervision sessions are available in both Chinese and English. During the supervision session, the supervisor addresses the therapists’ professional development needs, assists them in addressing dilemmas and issues that arise during therapy, and equips them with the skills to effectively implement EMDR therapy with their clients.

If you are an EMDR Therapist and interested in Supervision with any of our Trainers – please contact us..